Local News Station Tries to Bias Election

This year you have a choice
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My name is Dan Fishman, and I am the Libertarian Candidate for US Congress in the 6th District of Massachusetts.  I am on the ballot. And one television station doesn't want you to know that.  My campaign has been growing in popularity after several outstanding debate and television performances. 

On the cusp of a rousing success at the last public debate I received this email on 10/11/12 at 3:43pm

Dear 6th Congressional Candidates:

On Thursday, October 25th at 10 AM WCVB's "On The Record" will host a half hour debate for the 6th Congressional District.

Here are the criteria for participation. A candidate must fulfill all these requirements to participate.

*Campaign Staff of at least three
*Daily campaign schedule
*Regular communication with news media
*Campaign contributions of at least $50,000
*Showing of at least 10% in two of the latest independent polls

NewsCenter 5's Ed Harding and Janet Wu will moderate the debate. Candidates will have up to a minute to answer questions. Rebuttal time will be at the discretion of the moderator. There are no opening or closing statements.  There will be an opportunity for candidates to ask one question of each other.

Candidates are asked to arrive at 9:45 AM . Our studio is at 5 TV Place, Needham.

We do not provide make up. If you are bringing your own make up artist, please let me know in advance so I can reserve a room.

Yours truly:

Rosemary Lappin

My first reaction was shock.  At each debate we have put on a strong performance, and at each debate our ranks have swelled.  Our campaign has serious momentum.  I was mobbed by supporters of both candidates after the debate congratulating me and telling me they agreed with me 100%

Let's address these point one by one:

*Campaign Staff of at least three

got it

*Daily campaign schedule

I don't even know what they mean -- but got it.

*Regular communication with news media

got it  Also just today I did a 20 minute TV interview with Boston North and then sat down with 8 editors of North Shore newspapers for 75 minutes.  I can produce 10 journalists I have had regular correspondence with.  I've been in 4 public debates.

*Campaign contributions of at least $50,000

I don't got it.  Deliberately.  I am refusing all corporate donations.  Are you trying to tell me that they don't think I'm qualified to be in a debate because of a principle that there is too much corporate money in government?

*Showing of at least 10% in two of the latest independent polls

There's only been ONE independent poll that included all the candidates, and I was at 7% with 60% having never heard of me, and that was before any TV, Radio or Advertising   It was before any of the debates!  We need to at least see another poll since I've been on television and started advertising!

And is it shocking they said 10%?  Because I'm over 5%...


You should be as mad and as sad as I am.  I need you to blow this up.  Access to media during an election cycle should not be something that is bought and paid for.  WCVB is an ABC affiliate.  And they have crossed a line between reporting the news and making it.

#1 -- does anyone know Rosemary or someone at WCVB?  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rosemary-lappin/10/751/176

Maybe we can talk reasonably about this and get me in?

#2  Can we blow this up?  Slashdot.  Reddit.  Anywhere you post political talk -- they need to see this.  I'm not a fringe candidate.  Any research at all reveals I am a calm and rational proponent of the ideas of liberty.  Video Bloggers?  What do you think?

#3  Please comment on Bill Fine's page and tell WCVB that they need to be fair to the people.  If the state is willing to put me on the ballot, and I will be a choice that anyone can make -- why are they trying to keep people in the dark about me?

Let's take this viral.  The people need to know how much the media is trying to control your vote.

Don't let this stand.  Don't let the WCVB shut out a STRONG, legitimate candidate because (I assume) of their favoritism for the incumbent John Tierney, who I am drawing the most votes away from.  

Thank you for your service to democracy.


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