Stop the ignorance about marriage and the law

I need your help.  There are people who say the Supreme Court ruling on marriage will force churches to do something they DO NOT want to do -- namely marry gay couples.  Whenever you see that posted, I need you to help fight that ignorance, and post something like this:

Anti-discrimination laws have not forced Catholic churches to ordain female Priests.  And in fact no law ever in the history of the United States has forced a Church to do anything it didn't want to.  This ruling PROTECTS churches by allowing them to DO what they want.  

Case in point: currently EpiscopaliansMethodistsUnitarians and Reform Jews all perform same sex weddings.  Without this ruling, a state could make same sex marriages illegal, and arrest clergy performing these ceremonies in their own houses of worship!  Wouldn't that be a violation of the first amendment?  Let's review:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

So preventing churches that wanted to perform marriages as their religion dictates is against the 1st amendment.  People who wanted to stop same sex marriage with the force of law were advocating having police arrest clergy who followed their conscience!  That's about as anti-American as it gets. 

So now it's up to you.  A lot of the people who are currently complaining that this is governmental overreach.  I would argue that it is in fact a vigorous defense of the first amendment.

Please help fight the ignorance and share this post