Unemployment is a problem in our country that people think government needs to solve.  I think that unemployment definitely needs to be solved, but there is a very simple thing that government could put 20 million people back to work.  

I support Carl Person's "The First Three Are Free" plan.  Allow the first three employees of a company to be treated as contractors.  The paperwork for a small business to hire ONE worker is the same as for an a small business that has one THOUSAND employees.  A job only gets created when an employers sees an opportunity to make more money that he would expend by hiring another worker.  And those costs are more than monetary.  There is a significant time and paperwork cost to having a full time employee.

Let's make it easier for an employer to hire someone.  If we can get small businesses to each hire just one person that dramatically changes the employment numbers in this country.  With low unemployment, wages go up.  It's low hanging fruit.  Let's get government out of the way here and put people back to work.

The First Three Are Free