Audit the Fed

On July 25th, the house passed Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill by a 2/3rd majority.  When questioned in house hearings the previous week, Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve argued that exposing the Fed’s internal deliberations over monetary policy could tempt lawmakers to meddle in the process. Central banks are more effective at supporting the economy and keeping prices stable if they make decisions based purely on economic reasons, he said last week at the House hearing.

Excuse me?

Did the chairman really say some parts of government work better if the people are kept ignorant about them? Lawmakers are meddling in the process????

You could not have a better statement as to why I'm running. I will never accept that the people are the problem with government. The problem is that government has a problem with the people!

Bernanke is talking about the Congress! The representative of the people!! How dare we intrude on their little financial system? How dare we question their authority!  How dare we ask them about OUR MONEY!!

Attention citizens!! Government wants you to sit in your chair and eat your vegetables and be good little girls and boys while the grown-ups talk.

Well I for one am standing up.  And I hope you will too.

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