Libertarian for MA 6th

A Libertarian believes in more local government, and affording people as much liberty as they can handle. 

Where is Massachusetts' 6th district?  The lines have changed since last election.  You should check the map.
Here's my opponents pages:  I want you to be familiar with what they stand for too:

Richard Tisei (R) 
Why am I linking to my opponents pages?  Because the most compelling thing about my canidacy is the things that I won't do that they will.  And the number one thing that I won't do is spend more money.  Goverment is too large now, but the major parties feel that the way to stay in power is to reward the people who vote for them with gofts of government spending.

The problem is: where does government get that money from?  It's not from us.  Taxes are not being raised!  They borrow it in our name!  Neither party has cut spending in the last 12 years, and they can't afford to because they want to buy your vote.   We can absolutely have a debate about whether the rich pay enough taxes and whether or not spending is out of control, but every person I know agrees that we should not spend more if we don't have the political will to raise taxes to cover our spending.

I don't want to buy your vote, and I don't think taking money from one person to give it to another is the role of government.  I'd rather you keep as much money as you can.  Why are school districts run at the local level?  Because people have a vested interest in what happens.  Why can't we do the same thing with more forms of government? 

As an example, Massachusetts passed a great healthcare bill.  It was right for us as a state.  And if it turns out to be a great solution, don't you think Connecticut and New Hampshire and Rhode Island and Vermot and Maine will eventually join in?  If the pool gets stronger as it gets larger why do we have to pass a law to FORCE other people to join in a nationwide plan.  By what right can the Federal Government declare the MA plan null and void?

The Federal Government has been accumulating power for years now, because that's what the 2 major parties feel like they need to stay in office.  There is definitely a role for a Federal Government.  Borders, defense, protection of civil rights.  But a National Endowment for the Arts?  I love what the NEA does, and I think they are amazing -- but is it right that government forces you to pay taxes to support it?

Only a 3rd party candidate serves you before serving the party.